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Date: 2018-02-18 14:38

Patrick, have you listened to the recording of my Judicial committee meeting? How would you answer the issues I raised with the elders? Even they could see I made sense. What I am concerned with is JUSTICE. That is one of Jehovah Gods 8767 s cardinal attributes. 8775 All his ways are justice 8776 (Deut 87:9) 8775 God is not partial 8776 (Acts 65:89) 8776 You must not be partial in judgment 8776 (Deut 6:67). The current understanding of Armageddon that JWs teach, which is what I cannot teach, suggests that our loving heavenly Father is unjust and partial. Why do JWs teach two Judgment Days? The Bible says God has 8775 set a day 8776 in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth. It is called 8775 the Last Day 8776 , also the 8775 6555 year reign 8776 . Yet JWs have decided to judge people already. They used to say the sheep and goats were separated starting in 6969. When goats died prior to Armageddon, there was no resurrection for them. They have moved this separating to Armageddon now, but they still hold that the 8775 wheat and the weeds 8776 are separated from 6969 onwards. They are 8775 bundled for the fiery furnace 8776 from that time on. That means that members of Christendom who die from 6969 onwards can expect no resurection. That is judgment,is it not? I find this unjust. Our organisation has taken it upon itself to judge people when they cannot read hearts, and 8775 before the due time 8776 . The Kingdom is not reigning yet! Our organisation, namely it 8767 s Governing Body prematurely act as judges and Kings, something that Paul accused men of in the Corinthian congregation in 6 Cor 9:8-8. These men could rightly be called apostates. Further to that our Governing Body applies restoration prophecies to themselves NOW, when clearly their fulfillment is DURING the 6555 year reign of the Kingdom. After last year 8767 s 8775 new light 8776 they now admit they have NOT been given authority over 8775 all the Master 8767 s belongings 8776 , nor have they been pronounced happy and received the reward of positions in the Kingdom. Yet they act as if they already have, and at the same time, condemn all others. I cannot possibly accept that. It is my love for JUSTICE and my love for people that will not allow me to view all other people on the planet as unworthy of life. I have seen the hypocrisy in our organisation. I have seen the false teachings, (or 8775 wrong expectations 8776 , if you prefer to call it that). WE ARE NOT BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE!! If our organisation measured itself the way it measured other organisations, how would it fare? It would become apparent that it is just another member of Babylon the Great!

The Dating Game How Jehovah's Witnesses Meet their Match

However, I would like to add that those in the JW cult/borg/religion also are known for another thing. They use their religion and doctrines as an excuse to repeatedly harass those in their organization, especially when it comes to what 8775 the slave class 8776 chooses for the congregations as group study material, such as book study (ies) and also, when it comes to their insistent demands to invite your uninterested and non-believing relatives to talks that you give at the KH. I know because I was a victim of this myself. I remember when I gave my first talk at the KH, the elder that I was studying with heavily insisted that I invite my mother, but I repeatedly told him that my mother wasn 8767 t interested and that I wasn 8767 t going to waste my time nor energy on her, but he accused me of thinking and being negative in this regard, but despite my pleading of my case to him, he went over my head and invited my mother against my wishes and without regard for what I tried to plead with him. Though she attended, she still didn 8767 t show any interest in becoming one of them. Apparently, there 8767 s no such thing as thinking realistically in the JW cult/borg/religion as to them, there is only positive and negative thinking and no such thing as realistic thinking. Also, I remember during my involvement that they were studying a particular book that 8775 the slave class 8776 chose and I felt that this wasn 8767 t right for me due to it 8767 s subject matter and it was the book 8775 Making Your Family Life Happy 8776 . I felt that since I didn 8767 t have any *censored*ren and wasn 8767 t married, it wasn 8767 t right in my case, but they repeatedly harassed me about it and never let up on the repeated harassment no matter how much I pleaded y case to my last study conductor as he was the one who carried out the orders of the elder leading the study to continue the repeated harassment. He simply let my pleading go in one ear and out the other, even going to the point of saying that 8775 nobody can represent God 8767 s true Christian organization and not agree with a study pick by 8766 the slave class 8767 because that is like sitting at both the table of God and the table of the demons and no Christian can do that. 8776 I gave in as I saw that I wasn 8767 t getting anywhere, though I still had hurt feelings because of all that, but that was actually the start of my brief two year involvement winding down as over time, I also became the victim of repeated lies and false accusations by a few young ladies who made up false stories about me and though I repeatedly defended my innocence to the elders, they simply took the word of the lying young ladies over mine, which really hurt me deeply. After a loud, bitter and drag out argument that I had with my last study conductor, which forced me to angrily leave his place, I dropped out in 6999, and since then, I haven 8767 t looked back, though I almost rejoined in 7557, but the Dateline NBC expose of their hiding and protecting of *censored*philes made me change my mind about doing so. I jumped on their bandwagon when I was a young man of 77, but dropped out two years later at the age of 79. Thank goodness I am no longer ensnared by their man-made doctrines and misleading interpretations of the sacred book, the Holy Bible.

Debating Jehovah's Witnesses Unique Resurrection Doctrine

You might have realized I was aware of the fallacies in your position when I baited you to affirm it. That would be a logical reason for your evasion from explicitly explaining how discovering information about DNA proves God does not exist. You either already knew you could not prove one from the other-as you admitted some months back-, or you are currently mistaken, having built your arguments on the words of and ideas others.
First, consider the broadest reason why knowledge about DNA does not prove God does not exist. Your whole argument centers on claims you make about macroevolution. If macroevolution is at work in the world then God cannot exist is the belief. The argument falls flat on its face. Think about it! On its face the argument claims God cannot use evolution in the creation process even if he chooses to. Since you previously referred to gravity you might as well claim God cannot use gravity in his creation. If gravity exists God doesn’t? Sounds stupid doesn’t it? What’s the difference? It’s just your assertion. No reason is given why God cannot use either phenomenon
Second, let’s incorporate the belief held in common by most Christians, but not all, that macroevolution is not at work on planet Earth. While I don’t accept your premise that it is, what if it is? If it is why would God talk about microscopic organisms, like single cell organisms, and microscopic processes, like the workings of DNA, to people who lived thousands of years ago who had zero knowledge of such things, and would not be able to understand those things without a very detailed and scientific explanation? That’s not how Bible knowledge was written. For instance, very *censored* detail was written about things in the dimension of heaven. We don’t even know what different angels, or any angel, looks like. Their bodies are merely described as spirit. Does the Bible even say what spirit is? No! About Earthly things the Bible writes a lot. But that writing is also full of metaphors and analogies including in areas where humans had no understanding of those concepts except through divine revelation. Your argument assumes God would use analogies about heavenly things but not microscopic Earthly things. Why must that be? Why couldn’t God use the simple language of clay, dirt (the elements in dirt) when describing what he made man of? Would God be forbidden from doing so because thousands of people say so even if macroevolution exists? Really if God exists no one forbids him from communicating in any way he chooses to. Is anybody forbidding you from doing so?
A mistake your argument makes is to accept what other people say about God. By doing that put him in a box that’s been constructed by humans. Bur God exists outside all boxes. You were correct months ago when you admitted you cannot prove God’s nonexistence.

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